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We construct modern, green and environmental production base and bring in the foreign advanced production equipments of which 60% are imported from Germany and Italy.We keep improving the production flow and each flow process, carries out fine management and unswervingly takes the way of lean production. This makes usmaintain the core competiveness.

We attach more importance to carrying out the top quality control, cultivate professional quality control team and have a hundred precision inspection equipments to strictly control each production link of the product so as to ensure the overall product quality.

Grandland Green Decoration Technical R&D Center is the first technical R&D Center which takes energy-saving and environmental decoration as a breakthrough direction. It was recognized as “a municipal technical R&D center” by Shenzhen Municipal Government. It takes greening, energy saving, environmental protection and innovation as its development theme, takes autonomation, industrialization,integration and standardization as its R&D direction, integrates R&D,achievement transformation and practical application as a whole and establishes many research groups to research, develop and promote green, energy-saving and environmental technologies and products for interior and exterior decoration so as to reach the advanced level of international decoration industry and reserve the technologies for the long-term development of the company and industry. In 2011, it is appraised as “an excellent technical R&D center in Shenzhen”.

The center is composed of four departments:

Patent Standard Department

Technical Information Department

Engineering Test Department

Green Inspection Department

Innovation Platforms

Grandland has constructed technical innovation platforms including three institutions and one station, four laboratories and eleven research groups.

Three institutions and one station:

Integrated Decoration Institution

Industrial Decoration Institution

Intelligent Decoration Institution

Green Decoration Monitoring Station

Research groups:

Integrated Decoration Research Group

Construction Mechanization Research Group

Material Lightness Research Group

Industrialized Decoration Research Group

Green Design R&D Group

Advanced Composite Material Research Group

Intelligent Decoration Research Group

Intelligent Management Research Group

Photoelectric Material Application Research Group

Environmental Inspection and Pollution Control Research Group

Green Monitoring Database Development Research Group

Four key laboratories:

Light and Energy-Saving Dry-Mixed Mortar

Mechanized Mould Construction

Pilot Experiment for Advanced Composite Materials

Indoor Environment and Decoration Material Inspection

We are always stressing that the quickest response is made for market (customer)requirements with the highest efficiency. To harmoniously combine production,quality control and customer requirements is our goal.