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          Green living technology in the future - Hirota Tech R & D building green design analysis

          CreateDate:2013-09-17     Author:Liu Jia Technology R & D Center

          In undergone several international energy crisis, people gradually realized that conventional non-renewable energy sources , as well as extensive use of conventional energy sources on global environmental negative impact , so green building at home and abroad has become a hot word in the domestic in recent years , a variety of energy-saving , low-carbon environmentally friendly building design is also more and more attention , the so-called green building is not a general sense of three-dimensional green , roof , etc., but to be able to make full use of natural resources and the environment , the entire building the life cycle, to maximize energy savings , protecting the environment and reducing pollution , providing people with a healthy, comfortable , and efficient use of space, a building in harmony with nature .
          Hirota green decorative industrial base in the garden of R & D building is the tallest building identified by the national public evaluation - three -star standard design , covering energy, land , water, materials , indoor environmental quality monitoring, operation and management of six energy-saving system by the national green building design authority for the design of Shenzhen Institute of Building Research , China green Building and Energy Group subsidiary member Hirota Hirota Tech new Materials Co., Ltd. is responsible for the construction and implementation of the operations. Has access to national public buildings "Samsung " logo and the year 2013 the first batch of Shenzhen green building pilot and demonstration projects .
          R & D building is a reinforced concrete structure with glass walls , interior through rational distribution, minimizing the use of synthetic materials, make full use of the sun and save energy. Exposure to this one almost fully integrated green building today's advanced technology , and strive to achieve "zero energy building " target building technology brings feeling of comfort and quiet, tree-lined through the panoramic glass walls for the user to create a feeling close to nature .
          R & D building for Shenzhen summer long , intense solar radiation characteristics of the podium in the southwest facade glass curtain wall on the addition of 1,500 square meters rhythmic sense electrically adjustable blinds orange panels, as an active member of the shading buildings morpheme and indispensable means to be applied decoration . Throughout the entire height of the building from top to bottom of shade louver direction according to the sun's automatic steering , can effectively prevent excessive sun exposure causes heated building envelope to prevent glare and reduce incoming solar radiation heat indoors to eliminate or alleviate indoor heat, reduce air conditioning energy consumption 60 percent ; in blocking direct sunlight while ensuring plenty of natural light indoors , is to improve the indoor environment, improve energy efficiency and indoor comfort adjustment effective way to achieve architectural features, technical and aesthetic unity.
          Indoor air-conditioned building is based on the functional needs and set up in R & D building of one to four large exhibition space using evaporative condenser air conditioning and full exchange of the indoor unit , the unit is the use of cooling water absorbs latent heat of evaporation of the refrigerant leaving the steam condensate , cooling water consumption is much less than the water-cooled , the air flow is not large, energy-saving, water-saving features and save floor space , especially in the summer and warm winter in southern China , and without considering the heat demand for air conditioning field has a very significant economic benefits, energy-efficient units are national patents . R & D building five to eight office space is a multi- line and heat exchange fresh air system : This system has a convenient, flexible , energy-saving , comfortable , no centralized computer room , etc., for the air conditioning turned on each user office area , flexible and easy to use and to take into account holidays, evenings individual floors or individual office overtime to achieve a " want it to , like government stop " personalized effectively while using power. The heat exchange fresh air system is used for air conditioning in the summer when the indoor air and outdoor air temperature difference between the larger , air-conditioning ventilation to do simple , you need to adjust to the indoor outdoor air temperature and then placed , and indoor air is directly lower temperature exclude outdoors, in the fresh air heat exchange system will be outdoor air and indoor ventilation with positive way while crossing through the core heat transfer equipment for heat exchange by collecting exhaust energy to save energy , to heat exchange , heat recovery role.
          Building energy contains two levels of content , one scientific use of energy , improve energy efficiency ; another is the development of renewable energy use , reducing conventional energy consumption. Make full use of solar energy research and development building , improve the proportion of renewable energy applications , through solar energy solar radiation directly into electricity photovoltaic effect , on the eighth floor rooftop setting 270 monocrystalline solar modules with standard seamless roof structure The system average annual generating capacity over one hundred thousand degrees ; Park using solar lights , lawn . In an ideal light intensity, charging four hours to ensure that lights 3 to 5 days of work, a solar street light annual electricity savings of 1,000 yuan ; while the park also effective use of solar radiation is converted into heat photothermal conversion technology, in the dormitory floor rooftop solar flat plate collector set plus air-source heat pump to provide employees with domestic hot water . Hirota green decorative industrial park in the solar energy and building integration combine to make solar energy facilities as part of the building , both beautiful and practical.
          Buildings in the urban water reuse is an important way for wastewater reclamation and reuse , the establishment of R & D building water treatment system , the system uses MBR treatment film , water daily treatment was 64.84% energy savings , the treated water through the water pipes for the park landscape water , irrigation and toilet flushing green .
          R & D building almost every roof greening systems are configured , green roofs also known as City Island , can cool the surrounding environment and to increase air humidity, filtration ash layer and smoke particles from the atmosphere and rain absorption of hazardous substances , the removed from the soil , creating a microclimate ; while the roof garden roof insulation can also help to reduce the use of air conditioning , roofing prolong life. R & D building roofs are based on the honeycomb structure PP plastic material, light weight, fast drainage , rainwater harvesting and other favorable characteristics, but also increase the planting soil and planting depth range . From a distance, the entire roof greenery , overlooking the domesticated hen like a giant green carpet , it is refreshing. Located on the fifth floor sky garden is for the office staff to provide a gathering place to rest or chat , wooden bridges inlaid in white pebbles , fine furniture with a red parasol , surrounded by leafy Lingnan encircling trees, scattered high and low , rich layers . You can enjoy the cool summer scenery ; winter can have a thin dense sun through the leaves scattered on the body warm and comfortable. Sitting in the office , looked up , as if that is a small Southeast Asian style garden through glass walls in sight. And in the high school atrium sky gardens and architectural structure of the organic combination of design , the use of " chimney " effect to obtain three-dimensional ventilation, natural lighting office space to get both sides to reduce artificial lighting , the natural environment into the room , creating a comfortable office environment.
          Some buildings auxiliary components, such as space partition, eco-friendly materials and other applications, to reduce building energy consumption also has a significant effect , in the development of building materials using an effective alternative to traditional ecological stone, wood , clay bricks and terracotta panels waste of resources and a large non- environmentally friendly construction materials , using recycled materials instead of ordinary materials, such as : building a low-carbon plate podium wall using wood composite materials and aluminum composite panels, products are completely recyclable after use , to achieve recycling economy. And in the interior elevator hall foyer and fixed industrial production of functional space with a fixed peg board , other office space with a flexible wall panel systems , flexible partition in the dismantling process does not affect the use of the surrounding space can be recycled, and does not produce a lot of rubbish cut off form, in order to reduce re-arrangement of space to repeat the destruction of decoration on the building components , saving material , from the building of the " surface" greatly reduced construction carbon emissions .
          Throughout the development of green building intelligent systems in the central control room in confined intelligence intelligent monitoring system for efficient operation of energy-saving control . Located on the first floor of the central control room for monitoring indoor air quality , collecting environmental parameters , statistical data analysis and timely feedback . Within the park air conditioning equipment, ventilation equipment and environmental monitoring systems , solar power systems , power distribution systems , power distribution equipment, emergency ( standby ) power supplies, DC power supplies, high capacity uninterrupted power supply equipment, power equipment and lighting equipment monitoring and control ; equipment for drainage and sewage treatment equipment, and other operating conditions of monitoring, control, classification measure, record ; public security system , automatic fire alarm and fire control system operating conditions necessary to monitor and control linkage.
          Hirota Hi-Tech R & D building to the people , architecture and natural environmental development as the goal, the use of natural and artificial means to create good conditions and healthy living environment, and reducing as much as possible to control the use and destruction of the natural environment , and fully reflect the nature of the request and returns the balance between , has formed an architectural design as a leader in science and technology as the core, the soul of cultural and creative green building , building integrated R & D results for further research, testing and learning green research and demonstration building , but also the cultural and creative classic.